Mary Ellen Tippin

After 30 years of child-rearing and countless hours of read-aloud time which stretched to include neighbor children, school groups, home schoolers, and grandchildren, Mary Ellen Tippin has turned some of her empty nest hours into story writing. Her rural roots, her love of children, her commitment to Christ and English skills she claims she learned while home schooling her own 5 children have made writing a perfect fit for Ms. Tippin. "I love to weave everyday experiences, feelings, and personalities into my stories." she says. "I have also been very motivated by the blessing of four grandchildren. I want to have a significant influence in their lives and the generations to come, and this is really a fun way to do this. Reading to children has played such an important role in my own parenting."

Ms. Tippin has been married to her husband, RJ, for almost 35 years. They reside in a very rural Elbing, Ks. They are the parents of five children, three girls and two boys. The Tippin's house has also been home to foreign students, relatives, college students, and a missionary kid. " Having other people live in our home was a kind of family ministry for us." The Tippins are very involved in music and when their children were small gave programs in local churches and nursing homes. "I tried to write songs but they all sounded pretty corny. I think story writing fits me better."

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Illustrated by Melanie Regier