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Flitty, Twitty, and Itty Bitty

The Christmas Birdie

  Twitty’s Own Song


Does anyone really care what happens to baby birdies? God does. If God cares about baby birdies we can be sure He cares about each of us, too! The Birdie Family: Papa, Mama, Flitty, Twitty, and little Itty Bitty find out God is watching over them and their family when trouble "blows" their way.



How would you like to have witnessed the birth of the most important person who ever lived? That is exactly what happened to a little birdie named Flit. What started out as disaster turned into wonder in a stable in Bethlehem one winter’s night.


Life of the farm has returned to normal.

Did I say “normal?” With such a special family there is really not a day that is “normal.” Jon and Jenni still have their hands full caring for their family, although they know Farmer Good is always ready to help in any way he can. Something wonderful has happened, however. Throughout the valley the love and faithfulness of the Collie Family has become known. Some have called them:

“Exceptional!” “An example.” Inspirational!”

But deep in their hearts they know they are “CHOSEN!” And when they lie down at night they look at their family with joy, contentment, and thanks for the awesome gift they have been given in four amazing, precious, and SPECIAL puppies.

More info about the real special family behind the book...


A Very Special Family

How happy Mama and Papa Birdie had been when three little birdies hatched out of their egg houses. For a while everything seemed to be just as it should be. It wasn’t long, however, before Mama and Papa noticed something very strange for any birdie...Twitty just couldn’t sing!


Theodore was a typical turtle: greenish-brown, wrinkled, a little shy, and very slow. But Theodore was one more thing: OLD!!!

Theodore wasn’t always old. In fact he’d been one of the most handsome turtles in the meadow. That was young Theodore. How could everything change so much?

One day Theodore, a little confused, wondered away and “disappeared!” Where could that old fellow be? Did anyone miss him or even care that he was gone?

Theodore addresses the issues of aging to help the younger generation understand, appreciate, and learn from the senior citizens around them—grandparents, great-grandparents or other acquaintances. The issue of death is gently and briefly addressed as well. There are questions in the back of the book to promote intergenerational discussions and to connect the objectives of the book with the young reader.

THEODORE was written to honor my ninety-seven your old mother, Ruth Vander Wilt. She is an amazing woman, and the lessons I’ve learned from her have shown me how much we can miss if we are ignoring the older adults all around us.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired just a little by THEODORE!